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Using the Latest Instagram Insights to Grow Your Business

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

With over a billion people using Instagram every month, and 63% of its users checking the app daily, there's no doubt Instagram can be a powerful tool to grow your business online.

But what's the most effective way to get results?

#Hubspot recently published their latest insight report, which contains lots of useful information for anyone using Instagram to market their business. Here are the key lessons you can take from the report:

Improve your engagement rate with video content.

When it comes to marketing your brand on Instagram, the engagement rate is the most important metric to consider. The higher your engagement rate, the more you can be sure your audience connects with your brand.

For this reason, you should prioritise strategies that increase engagement with your content, rather than just focusing on the number of followers you have.

In their report, Hubspot discuss the typical engagement rates for different types of content.

They found video content received the most likes and comments, which means you should consider posting more videos to attract higher engagement rates. Although, as Hubspot points out, it's important to ensure your videos are also providing value. Posting occasional, high-quality videos is much more effective than posting regular, lower quality video content.

Choose a smaller number of highly relevant hashtags.

When it comes to hashtags, the data suggests less is more.

Traditionally, brands try to include as many hashtags as possible — up to the maximum of 30 — in an attempt to get more eyes on their content.

In reality, it seems this strategy isn't so effective. Hubspot found using more hashtags is associated with a drop in engagement rate. Although this data could be skewed by highly popular accounts, that attract engagement without any hashtags, it shouldn't be ignored. In the words of Hubspot:

Hashtags will not boost the engagement of mediocre content.

Try to stick to a small number of hashtags (five is a good number) — but do your research first to ensure they will help you attract the right kind of people to your page.

Use the tagging feature strategically to boost engagement.

An engagement-boosting strategy that's become popular recently is the tagging of popular users.

In theory, this improves the exposure of your content, as it will appear in the "tagged photos" area of a popular account's profile. This means your post will potentially be visible to any fans or followers browsing their page. If the tagged person engages with the post too, this will further enhance the visibility.

But the report found this strategy doesn't always work, with a drop in likes when more than five users are tagged in a post.

Are we becoming desensitised to tagged posts? Perhaps, but there are still a few ways you can use this feature to increase engagement on your account.

Here's what Hubspot suggests:

Run contests and encourage users to tag you in their posts.

Tag influencers when you feature their content on your profile.

Use any interaction with them as an opportunity to nurture the relationship with them and encourage support for your brand.

Encourage employees, customers and your wider community to tag you in any relevant posts.

Grow your brand with micro-influencers.

Influencer marketing isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. If you have money to spend, this can be one of the fastest ways to grow your account with a targeted audience.

But what if you don't have the cash to invest in some of the bigger influencers? Don't worry. According to Hubspot, you can still benefit from micro-influencers. These accounts, which have between 50,000 and 100,000 followers, may even be a better option overall.

They tend to have much higher engagement rates — and subsequently higher conversion rates — than some of the larger influencers.

Even better? You don't need to break the bank to work with them.

These are the four key messages to take away from Hubspot's latest insight report. What are you going to implement first?

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